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Sonny Bursa: The protagonist of “Lord of the Wood,” Sonny is a somewhat misanthropic, insecure New York City executive who, while on a business trip to the Pacific Northwest, encounters Bigfoot—twice! Upon his return to New York, he conspires with his best friend and ex-wife to return to the Oregon woods to search for the creature he’s certain he saw.

Emerald Nemi: A tough-as-nails Eugene, Oregon broadcast newswoman who is determined to make national headlines with a Bigfoot documentary that reveals the creature’s existence to the world. She and her team search the same wooded terrain for the elusive animal and experience a number of adventures doing so.

John Moon: A Native American Eugene resident, shaman of his tribe and veteran Bigfoot hunter. He volunteers to direct Sonny’s party through the treacherous Cascade region outside Eugene.

Marius Sauer, PhD: A cryptozoologist, author and documentarian who has dedicated his life and career to the search for mythical creatures. He guides Emerald’s team on their quest.

There are many eccentric, delightful and provoking characters in “Lord of the Wood.” You’re sure to find a few favorites when you read the novel.