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About the Author

Frank Giammanco is an author and a business consultant based in northern New Jersey. He went to West Babylon High School and completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Fordham University. After completing his bachelor’s degree, Frank honed
his skills in the publishing industry with roles in editorial, sales, and management. As a consultant, he brings his expertise in business planning, marketing, social media, and content development to clients. Frank Giammanco blends his publishing industry
experience with his writing talent to publish his first-ever fantasy and fiction masterpiece, “Lord of the Wood,” which takes the readers on a thrilling quest to search for Bigfoot.


To deliver an engaging, imaginative, and impactful literary experience for readers with every new book he writes.


To become a leading author of thought-provoking and entertaining fiction novels that inspire and captivate audiences across the globe.

Core Values

  • Creativity – To bring new and innovative ideas to his writing that capture the reader’s imagination.
  • Quality – To always maintain high standards of writing and storytelling, striving for excellence in every book he writes.
  • Engagement – To connect with readers, inspiring and engaging them in his stories.
  • Inclusiveness – To create stories that are representative of diverse perspectives and experiences.
  • Impact – To write stories that make a positive difference in the world by raising awareness, inspiring change, and fostering a deeper understanding of different cultures, perspectives, and experiences.